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Valentines Special!!

Valentines Special!!!!
“2 for 1” tattoos for all you lovely couples out there. If you have been thinking about getting matching tattoos now is the time.

Two for one offer is only good for identical tattoos, other than names, which can be different. You can get tattooed separately. Come in for a no-commitment consultation and get any other questions answered. All tattoos need to be scheduled and completed by 2/15/13

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Birthday cupcake contest

Are you interested in free tattoo work or a free piercing or two?? Of course you are! All you have to do is bake a few cupcakes.
Okay here are the details;
1) Each person needs to submit a minimum of four cupcakes, up to a whole cake.
2) All entries are due by 5pm on Friday Jan.18th.
3) Use any flavors you want, just make them moist and delicious hint there is a favorite cake and frosting, you might have to do some research though.

(We did a cake contest last year and had way too much cake lying around calling our names, and the good people we are, we couldn’t let it go to waste.) FYI a common mistake is thinking someone else will bring something awesome, last year a regular moist yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting won 1st placeā€¦.. so no excuses

The winner will get a $80 gift certificate! If we get several entries we will add 2nd and possibly 3rd place prizes too.

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