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Walking Art Tattoos was founded in 1998 by Mike Medrano. He was inspired by his love of art. Originally located in the northwest side of Chicago, Mike moved to the Minocqua a few years ago and has expanded TWICE!

Kyla Hicks (Ky) – Owner/Artist

Kyla Hicks, (Ky) is originally from Ava Missouri, but came to Minocqua after a year of working as an apprenticeship at Time Warp Tattoo in Ashland, WI. She completed her apprenticeship February 2023 is excited to continue learning and fine tuning her crafts. I say crafts because she has also done a piercing and permanent make up apprenticeships.

Ky is also into photography and she will be sharing some of her favorite photos on our social media pages. If she is not outdoors taking pictures, you can catch her hiking or kayaking. She loves jacked up trucks and fast cars and her Pitbull Kirra.    

Michael Medrano Sr.- Artist

I believe if we want this art to blossom and be recognized by society as a whole as an art, and let the old stereotypical tattoo taboos die we must advance in our customer service skills. We must treat this like an art and our customers as messengers for our art. Many times I have visited tattoo shop hang outs, artists that pay little or no attention to the customer and artists who believe they are doing the customer a favor by tattooing them.

The industry has grown leaps and bounds since the eighties but there is still room for growth. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of clean customer service oriented shops and ours is one of them.

So I made it my goal to provide real customer service. I will not make promises I cannot keep. And if for some reason I cannot fulfill a promise I will contact the customer ASAP and communicate the timeline change. I make every effort to provide non-rushed, caring, attentive service. I do not tattoo only for the money, I do not rush my clients and that is why repeat and referred clients are the foundation of my business.”

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