Anniversary special, free date….. confused? If so, read below

With this date (4-4-88- 25 years clean and sober) so special to me, and me having it tattooed across my stomach, I thought, there are others out there who have a certain date that is very important to them. With that said, I’ll be doing free numerical dates on 4/4/13. Email us with your date and the reason it’s special to you. I’ll do as many as I can. First come first served.

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New tattoos posted weekly, check out this week’s

We are adding new tattoos every week, so check us out every now and then to see the new ones. Oh and if you would like us to post one we did for you just email us a good photo of it and we will post it. Keep in mind, it has to be a clear photo. We have many that we could not post due to the quality of the picture. We just posted some Asian, traditional, tribal, and realism tattoos.

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